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Girth Hitch Knot "Tenkara" Lilian to Line Connection

step 1:

Pull the lilian out from the rod butt and tie a knot about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch from the end.

step 2:

Pull a small loop of the Tenkara line thru the Spectra connection loop.  

step 3:

Pass the end of Liliad thru the loop made above.

step 4:

Pull to tighten and snug up against the knot in the Lilian.

Loop-to-Loop Connection

Use to connect FURLED leader butt END to fly line with either permanent monofilament

loop or braided loop connector;

AND or to connect THE TIPPET end of THE FURLED leader to

monofilament Tippet.

step 1:

Pass the end of the fly line loop through the larger

end of the leader butt loop.

step 2:

Then pass the small end of the leader butt section

through the fly line loop.

step 3:

Tighten by pulling in opposite directions. You can disconnect the loops by pushing them toward each other and reversing the process. The correct loop-to-loop connection looks like a square knot when complete.

step 4:

Incorrect loop-to-loop connection. Attaching the loops

this way weakens the connection considerably

Custom leaders are available.

Please E-mail me your specifications.