Bring your fly casting experience to a higher level with the ultimate in presentation and accuracy. Handcrafted Furled Leaders & Tenkara Lines are custom
built just for you!
Streamside Leaders

Welcome to
Streamside Furled Leaders.

My name is Mike.
I make the leaders, play with new tapers and colors.
On May 16th 2003
I had a bad wreck with my truck. I am no longer able to drive a semi so I decided to turn my hobby into a business and try to enjoy life doing something I truly love.
We have the largest selection of Western leaders, Tenkara Lines and Tippet Rings on The Internet.
Our leaders are made to your specifications. We can customize all aspects of your leader, length, tippet rings, micro swivels, Shorb loops, tapers and color/pattern.
We can make leaders from 2 feet up to and in excess of 36 feet.
This is Kathie.
Without her my little venture would be impossible. She takes care of me, the books and everything else that needs doing. I have the easy part, make leaders and fish!!
My dad taught me how to make furled leaders about 45 years ago. I would spin them up by hand and experimented with different tapers and materials. I would make up a bunch and give them to my friends and trade for flies while out on the water. About fifteen years ago Kathie suggested trying to sell them on EBay. They took off like I never believed possible. Since then  between making leaders and my weather forecaster "arthritis in my knees" they have severely limited my time on the water. So now I make Western style furled leaders and Tenkara lines full time in the basement. I get great pleasure knowing you guys and gals like my products.
I kind of fish vicariously thru my clients and by the pictures they send me.
Our philosophy is:
We are not happy unless you are.