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International Shipping

$13.50 USD per order

Or if you wish you can mail a
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Streamside Leaders
C/O Michael Moline
1827 N 76th Avenue
Elmwood Park, Il 60707


Shipping in the continental United States via U.S.P.S. First Class Parcel Post is $2.99 Priority Mail is $7.55
Streamside Leaders


1 Tube of Mystic Creek Organic Beeswax Leader Floatant is $3.99 each. 1 Jar of Mystic Creek Dry Fly Floatant Powder is $7.99 each. 1/2 Ounce of Mystic Creek Leader and Fly Floatant is $3.99 each.
Buy one of each for $14.47 and save $1.50
Please remember:
You must choose a shipping option
when purchasing floatants.

By not doing so will delay your shipment.




Buy 2 or more and save on shipping!!
Shipping prices are "per order" whether you buy 1 or 9 pcs.

Buy 10 or more and I will ship them free in the Con.U.S.
Free shipping does not apply to floatant orders even if combined with leaders or tippet rings. Leaders, Tenkara lines and Tippet Rings ship in a regular envelope with 1 $.50 stamp. Floatants need a box ($.65) and $2.07 or more
for postage depending on the destination. I try to keep my shipping costs down.
I do not make anything on shipping, but I can not absorb a minimum of $2.72 per order.