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& Total Package Info
Black Wolff  Olive Dun & Coral  Lt. Blue & White  Green & Lt Olive  Brown Nymph  Psycho Hopper    Bronze Nymph          Silver Nymph  Green Hopper 

"Signature Series"

Total Tenkara Fly Fishing Package


For as long as I can remember fly fishing in general has been an “elitist” sport, and unfortunately Tenkara fishing seems to be heading the same way. Streamside Furled Leaders is going to do our part to make Tenkara fishing affordable.

In a nutshell this is it.

A complete Tenkara package with everything an angler would need to get on the water:


The Total Package includes 1 of the following:

Streamside Leaders

Signature Series

7:3 fast action Tenkara Rod

    9’ - 12’ or 10.6’ to 12’ 2 Stage Zoom Rod


1 - rod sock and storage tube 

1 – Streamside Leaders Multi Line Cast Pak System:*

1 - Pocket sized double sided fly box

12 - Assorted hand tied flies

1 - Spool of 4X monofilament tippet material

1 - Tube of Streamside’s handmade Organic Beeswax Floatant and Leader Dressing

1 - 2 pc set of easy line keepers to mount on the rod


Transferable Warranty

on the rod

The Multi-Line Cast Pak System includes:

1 Mystic Creek "Signature Series" furled Tenkara line with a chartreuse sighter tip

 1 Streamside Hi-Viz Floating Wind Cutter Tenkara line

 1 Streamside Standard Kevlar Series weight forward furled Tenkara line


Streamside Leaders

"Signature Series"

Tenkara Rod Features:

Nano Carbon construction increases strength and decreases weight*

9 sections for increased portability

7:3 fast action sensitivity and backbone

Swivel installed before the lillian

AA grade cork grip

Composite top rod plug

Bottom rod cap is Threaded brass

22.5 inches collapsed

The rod tube is 24 inches long and about 1 ¾ inches in diameter

Comes complete with a rod sock and storage tube



9' rod 2.5 oz 12' rod 3.4 oz

10.6'-12' Zoom rod 3.6oz

 All this for $169.00

Or you can buy the rod for $99.00 - $119.00

Delivered anywhere in The United States

For the last 20 years I have strived to provide the finest furled leaders possible at an affordable price.

My goal is to do the same with Tenkara fishing gear.

Thru many long hours of research I believe I may have come up with an answer. As most of you know, the majority of fishing manufacturers has either moved to China or has farmed their work out there. Now I am not going to try to tell you about all the times that I have visited the various plants in China and other Asian countries, because I haven’t. The internet has made most of this type of travel unnecessary. What I do have in its place is a whole bunch of sample rods and shipping bills.

What I have done is spend countless hours researching various manufacturers in China. After I found a few that I believed did quality work I started discussing “thru email and Skype” what I thought would make a Tenkara rod that I would like to own.

After almost two years I think I am almost there!

What I have developed is a Tenkara rod that is:

Affordable for the "average angler"

Made from a quality high grade carbon fiber.

Light but not too light as to be fragile.

Stiff enough to cast a 30 foot Kevlar line.

Has the backbone for Smallmouth Bass & Brown Trout  but

sensitive enough to feel the smallest Trout or Bluegills.

Banana Spider Blue Mayfly 
Black Widow Maroon Dragonfly 
Brown Recluse Lt Blue & White 
 Green Spider Golden Nymph 
Maroon Spider Psycho Hopper
Wolff Spider Green & Lt Olive 
Red Nymph   
Psycho Wolff  Psycho Hopper          Iron Wolff  Pink Lady 
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